Brand Strategist, Writer, Multipassionate Creative

I'm a Seattle-based brand strategist, storyteller, and multipassionate creative. As a self-proclaimed "Jane of all trades," I have a broad range of expertise in creative strategy, marketing, writing, branding, design, and social media. With 8+ years of experience, I've worked with brands to create elevated end-to-end brand experiences and thought-provoking work.

Brand Strategy

Through my creative studio, Bright Eyes Creative, I work with entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners to create end-to-end brand experiences rooted in storytelling through strategy, design, and marketing. We don’t just build brands; we create legacies.

Freelance Writing

I write journalistic articles about emerging trends in technology, commerce, marketing, media, internet culture, and the influencer/creator economy. I also offer freelance writing services, writing long-form marketing content (blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, case studies etc.) for retail, SaaS, and martech businesses that builds brand awareness, establish domain authority, connect with their audiences, and turn prospects into customers.

Speaking & Guesting

I offer speaking, workshops, and trainings on various topics relating to branding, content, social media, marketing, and more. I also guest on podcasts and web shows and guest contribute to blogs.If you’re interested in having me on a panel, give a conference talk, or other guest opportunities, send me an email.

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